School Result

Semester A 2006/07

CS3270       Fndls of Comp Nets & the Intne A-
MEEM2003 Mechanics A- 
MEEM3050 Design for Manufacture B-

Earned Hours: 9.00
GPA Hours: 9.00
Points: 30.30
GPA: 3.36

5 thoughts on “School Result”

  1. Hi!!我係你city u的師弟,想問你拎CS3270 呢一科的所有MC題目及past paper的softcopy,你有無都請你覆一覆我,many thanks!!

  2. 有都掉左啦, 三年幾前啦, d mc 好鬼易的, 你有上堂就夠, 唔使點溫都識, 唔明既查一查wiki啦, 講真, compu既野日新月異, 我俾你都outdate啦

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